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Xbox One Release Date is Approaching! Here is our countdown…

The Xbox One release date is quickly approaching! So far many retailers are still guaranteeing a day one release unit if you pre-order today. The latest Microsoft console is expected to ship by the end of November. Many retailers have pre-orders for day one edition systems with additional accessories. We have a separate post dedicated to which online retailers still have the Xbox One available for pre-order but some of the most populate destinations include Amazon and BestBuy.

Here is our release day count down:

xbox one release date

Where can I buy a Xbox One online? Xbox One tracker has finally arrived!

UPDATE: Xbox One is now widely available at many online retailers. Check the list below for some recommendations on where to find an Xbox One!

Click HERE for the most recent Xbox One inventory status for online retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, FRYS, GameStop, Microsoft and MORE!

Is our Xbox One tracker missing any retailers? If so please comment below!

xbox one tracker